By Adam W. Bloom

The NFL just announced that the NFL Draft will not be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City next year. Two great cities – Los Angeles and Chicago – are both in the running and a decision should be made by the end of the summer. Before that decision is made- we thought of 5 other places we’d like the NFL to consider.

5. Las Vegas

las vegas skyline1 5 Places Id Like To See The NFL Draft

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/David Sherman/NBAE)

Can you imagine a better spot in the world to gather football fans from around the world than Vegas. Lots of distractions may result in a few no-shows, but the energy and excitement of that city would elevate the draft to a new level. One downside – players could lose their first year salary in one night.


4. NFL Hall of Fame

nfl hall of fame1 5 Places Id Like To See The NFL Draft

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Jason Miller)

Here’s the perfect location to have the draft if the goal is to put egos in check. Imagine all of the potential draft picks walking the halls of the Hall of Fame  – passing their heroes immortalized forever. Could be the perfect start to their careers and provide just the motivation they need to be great.


3. Playboy Mansion

playboy mansion pool1 5 Places Id Like To See The NFL Draft

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison)

On the flip side – this would be the perfect place for an NFL Draft party. The commish would host the event poolside and players would be led up on stage by playmates. After players are picked they have to perform a new touchdown dance that ultimately ends in the pool.  The dances are judged by former NFL greats Terry Bradshaw, Marcus Allen and Dick Butkus.


2. Honolulu, Hawaii

honolulu1 5 Places Id Like To See The NFL Draft

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Patrick Baz)

The NFL loves Hawaii – they have been trying to keep the Pro Bowl game there for years even though fans just can’t seem to connect with the event. This is the event that will keep everyone happy – and can you imagine all of the players rocking stylish Hawaiian shirts?  


1. Price Is Right Stage

the price is right1 5 Places Id Like To See The NFL Draft

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown)

Perhaps the perfect venue – draft picks and their families all sit in the audience while Drew Carey (we’ll work on getting Bob Barker) – grabs the card from the commissioner and yells “You are the next player in the National Football League! – Come on Down!” The crowd cheers and the draft picks play high money games like Plinko to determine their first year’s salary.


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