I am so happy for Cleveland! For once they got it right. Lebron James is being returned to it’s rightful owner and that’s the citizens of Cleveland. Sure, Akron’s his home, but let’s be honest; he BELONGS to Cleveland. That city hasn’t toasted a champion in any sport since 1964’s Browns sat atop the football world! No bubbly in the locker room and no parades for 50 years! Then, along comes Lebron James. The kid had Michael Jordan on speed-dial before he graduated from high school and ends up playing for the hometown team. Actually got his Cavs to the final and might’ve won it had he some help. So he left in the most humiliating way prompting fans to burn jerseys and the owner to label King James a coward. None of that matters now. Lebron is going home.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are now the favorites to win the NBA crown. From 60-1 odds just recently to 3-1 odds as of just now. And now all the other free agents can finally decide where they’ll be playing ball next season because this we know: The King is headed home. Maybe the trophies follow and maybe they don’t. The fact is the man understands legacy. Lebron realizes that now that he got his rings and delivered the hardware to South Beach it’s time to bring the love to his hometown, proud but extremely hungry. The Cavaliers on paper have a ton of young, talented players and will probably go get more. I can’t wait to see how Lebron gels with these kids and wonder if they all just figured out what’s about to happen. History was made today and for the first time in a long time Cleveland can puff it’s chest out. For some reason it just feels right. Lebron is going home.

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