Former Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox outfielder, Johnny Damon joined Jeff Zito Saturday morning. Recently Johnny had gone on record as saying “When you feel you can still outhit at least half the league and you don’t get that call, it’s rough,” Damon told The Associated Press in a phone interview this past Friday. Well Jeff didn’t shy away from finding out exactly what he meant by that. He told Jeff that “Obviously I feel like I could play, I feel anyone could play even Cal Ripkin could get base hits. Maybe not to the level he once did, or I once did”. He also added “You want to play as long as you can, because once the uniform is off, it’s tough”.

He spoke about his two years playing for the Tampa Bay Rays by saying “I thought Tampa Bay was going to be my last team, and win a championship there” Following those statements he confirmed “Yeah I still believe I can out hit a lot of players out there, but there are a lot of talented guys out there” he also added “I’ll still be able to hit when I’m 50 or 60, maybe not the two hundred hits I averaged a season”. Johnny went on to further explain that if a team did call it would probably take him a month to get his legs and everything back.

When Jeff brought up the fact he wasn’t officially retired yet Johnny said “I haven’t announced my retirement for a reason, but I know that call may not come”. Johnny went onto say that he would love to return to the Tampa Bay Rays a team that’s very close to where he currently lives.


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