(AUDIO) Julian Green’s Father Reflects on Seeing His Son Score in the World Cup

Julian Green scored his first goal for the USMNT during Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to Belgium. His father Jerry lives locally in Tampa and joined Booger and Marc to discuss what it was like to watch his son compete in the World Cup.

Green said you can’t imagine what it’s like to see your son score a goal in the World Cup like his did yesterday. He was extremely proud.

Green said that after the USA’s run, he thinks soccer will continue to grow in the US. It will take it some time like anything but as the years go on, soccer has gotten more and more popular here in the states.

Jerry Green said that his son Julian started out playing hockey and was very very good at it. Julian eventually moved to Germany with his mother and was introduced to soccer over there. He was doing so well in soccer at the age of 13 that it was better for him to stay over there and play soccer despite the plan being for him to come back to the US.

At the time, Green said it was better for his son to stay in Europe because the level of competition amongst kids is a lot better overseas. However, if he would’ve come back to the states, Green says there’s no doubt his son would’ve played more than just soccer. Right now though, Green said he doesn’t see the best athletes in America choosing soccer.

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francisco leong (AUDIO) Julian Greens Father Reflects on Seeing His Son Score in the World Cup
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