The 5 Best Moments from Jay Z and Beyoncé’s ‘On The Run’ Tour Launch

Last night (June 25) Jay Z and Beyoncé played a show in Miami sayin’ “how the hell did this s–t happen, oh baby.” It was the premiere of their co-headlining On The Run tour, which has been criticized as both a perfunctory cash-grab for the celebrity couple and the must-see blockbuster event of the summer. Fans were delighted by a few marquee moments, most notably the reveal of the couple’s wedding footage when has never previously been released, and an extremely long setlist. When you’ve got that many hits, why not play them all.

Below are the best 5 moments from On The Run‘s opening date.


1. The never-before-seen wedding footage

The family footage thing is more of a staple at Beyoncé shows, but the duo gave fans a snapshot into their wedding last night. The video showed Bey and Jay getting their matching IV ring finger tattoos and on their wedding day. The footage rolled while they did their cover of “Forever Young,” a track the duo have been performing live since 2010.

2. Beyoncé wore two new costumes designed by Versace

She opened the show doing “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” with Jay Z, in a black bodysuit that covered very little of her body and was covered with netting. It was matched up with a balaclava made of the name netted material, meant to recall the tour poster (above).


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