(POLL) These Sports Topics Get Us All Through The Summer Months

Around June, sports radio at times can run a little light on meaty topics to get listeners and hosts fired up. This is the time of year for hosts and producers to have some down time and really ramp up for the upcoming football season.

So while all of that is going on, shows looks for some broad, generic, interchangeable topics to discuss, that can help pass the time before the return of college and pro football.

Now, we all know what the main topics are when it comes to the summer months of sports radio. Some guys try to be fun and have a day where they just talk about sports movies, while others try and take a stance on a very hard hitting national topic that can generate plenty of polarizing opinions.

Well, the guys on Fan Interference decided that this draft day Tuesday would focus on those very topics. So whether it’s attendance, or who is the true home run king, we want to know what are the sports topics that we hate to have to discuss.

Bryan Drake:

1. Attendance

2. Blackouts

3. Derek Shelton

4. Legacy

5. Birthday Challenge

Kyle Churchill:

1. Rays Stadium Location

2. Tim Tebow

3. MLB All-Star Game

4. Home Run King

5. Carl Nick’s Toe

Justin Pawlowski:

1. Concussions

2. Steroids

3. Homosexuals In Sports

4. NFL Predictions

5. Host Workouts

Jim Lighthall:

1. Pete Rose

2. Paying College Athletes

3. Tiger Woods Winning Another Major

4. Soccer As The Next Big Thing

5. Sports Movies



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