Rollergirl Says Johnny Manziel Can Party Whenever He Wants

It was Memorial Day weekend and while most of us were lying by the pool, grilling up some hot dogs or spending the day at the beach, Johnny Manziel was “Suns Out Guns Out” in Las Vegas.

My weekend was made complete when I received a tweet from a 98.7 The Fan listener which showed a picture of Johnny Manziel sitting in the middle seat of a plane, flying from Las Vegas back to Cleveland. I quickly did some research to get to the bottom of this photo.

Johnny Manziel spent his weekend in Las Vegas, taking in the UFC 173 fight and spending the day at the pool with Rob Gronkowski, DJ Pauly D and tons of young girls. People have been taking this way too seriously, saying Manziel shouldn’t be partying and needs to focus on being an NFL player. He sent out Instagram photos of his Cleveland Browns playbook while on the plane, and pictures of friends and girls poolside in Vegas. No one seems surprised to see Gronk poolside surrounded by girls, so why are people shocked to see Manziel there?

What else do you expect from this guy? Personally, the only problem I have is that he was hanging out with DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore! Let’s get serious here for a minute…what kind of Memorial Day festivities were going down in Cleveland this weekend? It’s the offseason, OTA’s were done for the weekend, and I’m sure he doesn’t have a ton of friends in Ohio. If I had some change in my pocket and three days off, I’d be in Vegas too! “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?” Well not according to Johnny’s Instagram. Follow Johnny Football on Instagram at jmanziel2. It’s a good follow, like him or not. If you want to follow me on Twitter @Rollergirl987, it’s a good follow. Period.


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