(POLL) When We Think About Hate In Sports, These Guys Are The Best Of The Worst

One of the things that we love about sports, is the hate that we have for other teams and players. One of the most notorious teams in this area for those emotions are the Boston Red Sox. And one of the most hated players on that team is Jonny Gomes, who over the weekend tried to start a fight with Yunel Escobar after he stole third with the Rays leading 8-2.

It got Fan Interference thinking about who are the most hated athletes in sports are, and how loudly you would love to boo them. Booing is a right of passage for all fans.  Where there are teams or players that you cannot stand, fans use their voice to let them know, that they are not fans of their works.

With Jim still on the way back from his nature walk, Kyle from Booger and Rich was required to join in on the fun today. Here are the results of today’s draft:

1. Kyle Churchill:

Donald Sterling

Marty St. Louis

Skip Holtz

Ndamukong Suh

Pat Burrell

2. Greg Linnelli:

Alex Rodriguez

Will Muschamp

Ryan Braun

Dwight Howard

Barry Melrose

3. The Drake:

Aaron Hernandez

Jonny Gomes

Alex Ovechkin

Kevin Youkalis

Jerry Sandusky

4. Justin Pawlowski:

Greg Schiano

Lance Armstrong

Barry Bonds

Trent Dilfer

Vince Namoli


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