Mark Cuban is NOT a Racist

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Can we all just calm down for a second.

Can we all just inhale. Then exhale.

It seems everyone is “out to get” public figures these days, and Mark Cuban is just the latest one in the cross hairs.

In light of the recent Donald Sterling shenanigans, with Sterling’s racist comments putting him in jeopardy of losing his ownership of the LA Clippers, the term “racist” seems to be on the tip of every American’s tongue.

So when Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, calls HIMSELF a bigot you’d think people would react differently than they did with Sterling.


Cuban said he’s a bigot and laid out two scenarios and how he’d react in each:

“If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face–white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere–I’m walking back to the other side of the street,” he says.

Do I think Mark Cuban is a racist? No!

Do I think Marc Cuban’s COMMENTS were racist? Yes.

The comments became racist the second he inserted “white” and “black” in the scenarios.

Anybody who feels unsafe in a situation has every right to do what it takes to make sure they’re not in harm’s way.

That’s not racist.

Imagining scenarios where skin color is involved in regards to someone’s safety…THAT’S racist.

It shouldn’t matter what someone’s skin color is for someone to feel safe or unsafe, and that was Cuban’s one slip up.

Should he get as black balled as Donald Sterling? No way.

Mark Cuban simply owned up to knowing how he feels and how he would react if he found himself in certain situations. And there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Everyone who jumps on the “racist” bandwagon just for the sake of pointing fingers and feeling superior, needs to sit down and shut up.

That’s just how I feel.

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