Leave Charles Barkley Alone!!!

I consider myself to be an open-minded, live-and-let-live type of person.

That’s why I get annoyed when I see people getting all bent out of shape over something as simple as Charles Barkley’s opinion.

Were his “big ol’ gals” and “gold mine for Weight Watchers” comments about females in San Antonio insensitive?
Yes. Of course.

But were they something to throw a fit about and ask for an apology?

No way.

First, everyone knows Charles Barkley and how he represents himself both on the air and off the air. He’s known for giving his uncensored opinion, and doing it in a tongue-in-cheek style. His personal opinion comments should not be taken in the same manner as his analysis of a professional basket game. Anyone who takes him seriously when he’s obviously joking around is the one with the problem.

Second, I respect the Round Mound of Rebound more for being honest, and sticking to his statement than I would if he would have issued a phony, publicist-written apology he didn’t mean. There are way too many thinly-veiled, generic apologies in the sports world and seeing Barkley not give in to that nonsense is impressive.
Simply put, Charles Barkley expressed his thoughts on the women he’s seen in the San Antonio area, and he did it in an unconventional way.

I applaud his honesty.

I applaud his sense of humor.

I applaud his non-PC attitude in a way-too-PC sports world.

That’s just the way I feel.

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