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It was a sports packed weekend with the NFL Draft, Johnny Football landing in Cleveland and the Rays losing one after another, but I’m sure you’ve missed a couple stories.

Saturday night the Rays had a giveaway that took over Instagram with adults wearing a goofy plush hat. The DJ Kitty hat promotion drew 29,212 to Tropicana Field. There have been a few promotions over the years that have drawn in a crowd like that. The Joe Maddon gnome, the Raymond Bobblebelly and the Zim Bear were some of my favorite.

Speaking of Kitty’s, a 101-year-old grandma named Kitty Cohen threw out the first pitch at Sunday’s Blue Jays game. She took full advantage of the opportunity by throwing some swag into her windup and then threw an underhanded pitch, but Kitty looked great out there on the mound. Old ladies should always throw out the first pitch.

It seems like Jay-Z and Beyonce seem to steal all the highlights from NBA games lately, but the Nets were selling some pretty interesting shirts at the Barclays Center prior to Miami Heat Game 4. The shirts have illustrated faces representing the top players and head coach for both teams. Caricatures are hard to nail sometimes, but it’s Andrei Kirilenko that really stands out. His picture looks exactly like Martha Stewart. Who knew Martha played in the NBA? That woman can do it all!

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