I was recently asked WHY the NFL Draft is such a big deal.
WHY people get so hyped about it so far in advance.
WHY I get so excited about a non-game event.

It got me thinking…WHY?

Is it because I’ve watched all these draft hopefuls throughout their college careers?
I’ve caught a good majority of the games these top players have played, and I do want to know how they fare. I want to know where these kids I watched end up. I like to judge whether the team that picks them is a good fit for the player I saw during highs and lows in their college career.

But that’s not why I like the NFL Draft.

Is it because I have new hope for my favorite teams to have a fresh start with a great pick?

I’ve seen my share of bust picks and diamond-in-the-rough picks. It’s fun to see what pans out in time and what doesn’t, because all the “pro” predictions aren’t always correct…good and bad.

But that’s not why I like the NFL Draft.

I like the NFL Draft because of the last-second trades, the anticipation of hearing “The Pick is in,” the chills from the sounder of when that pick IS in, the instant player info probing as soon as the choice is announced, the extreme high and “YES!” when the team’s front office makes the pick I wanted, the extreme low and “NOOOOO!” when I hear the name that makes absolutely NO sense to me, and the perennial, “Well, they obviously have a plan and know what they’re doing” after picks that are just plain confusing.

But mainly I, and so many others, like the NFL Draft because, as football lovers, it’s the most fun to have on the off season.

That’s just how I feel.


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