(AUDIO) Fan Interference Holds Their BIGGEST Draft Day Tuesday

Be sure to join us for the 98.7 The Fan and Fan Interference Draft Day Parties at Buffalo Wild Wings in Ybor City Thursday May 8th and Friday May 9th! Party and shows start at 7:00 and go through the night.

Every Tuesday on Fan Interference, the guys hold a draft about any number of topics. The draft has been to discuss any number of topics. From The Masters, to deciding what kind of food would make the best spread at a Super Bowl party.

Like anything with guys, the draft always morphs into a competition to see who is the best which often is decided by listener votes. But the best drafts are the ones where there is something at stake.

Everyone knows that for the longest time, Justin Pawlowski has been the Tampa Bay area’s foremost authority on the NFL Draft. Justin covers the draft deeper, and with as much passion, as anyone who covers the draft across the country.

So, on the eve of the draft, Fan Interference decided to raise the stakes and put the title of Draft Insider on the line. Each person would have to make selections in the draft that they think the Bucs WILL draft, not necessarily SHOULD draft.

Justin, the current draft insider, was docked 2 picks after it was discovered that he manipulated the results of the previous draft. He did however have the first pick in this week’s draft, and used that first pick to try and gain back some of the picks that he had lost.

Here is how it all panned out…

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