Study: Global Warming Changes Uneven, Some Regions Have Cooled

Tallahassee Fla. (CBS TAMPA) — Global warming has affected some regions of the earth more than others, with the uneven temperatures showing that while some regions have warmed, others actually cooled.

A study conducted by scientists at Florida State University finds that certain regions of the world have gotten warmer while others have gotten cooler – information that took the researchers by surprise.

“Global warming was not as understood as we thought,” said Zhaohua Wu, an assistant professor of meteorology at FSU.

Warming began in regions near the Arctic and subtropical regions of the two hemispheres, and northern mid-altitude regions have experiences the largest warmth increases. But regions south of the equator, such as the Andes, cooled down over the past few decades.

“The global climate has been experiencing significant warming at an unprecedented pace in the past century,” reads the FSU study. “This warming is spatially and temporally non-uniform, and one needs to understand its evolution to better evaluate its potential societal and economic impact.”

“The global warming is not uniform,” Eric Chassignet, director of FSU’s Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS), said in a news release.

“You have areas that have cooled and areas that have warmed.”

In some parts of the world, temperatures haven’t risen or fallen significantly at all.

In addition, the scientists say that temperatures have remained more or less stable for nearly the last two decades.

The researchers have examined data from all over the world (except Antarctica) on land surface temperature changes that have occurred since 1900. The study shows that while the Earth has warmed at an accelerated rate since the beginning of the 20th century, temperatures have remained the same since the 1990s.

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