TAMPA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – The Publix grocery store chain has a customer guarantee that has allowed one woman to receive more than 300 free rotisserie chickens for almost a year.

Janet Feldman explained that she has used the Publix customer guarantee, which allows customers to get an item for free if the scanned price of it exceeds the shelf or advertised price.

The 57-year-old woman drives from store to store searching for underweight rotisserie chickens so that she can get them for free after letting the store manager know.

“I’m known as the Chicken Lady,” she told the Sun Sentinel. “I could pick them blindfolded. I haven’t paid for chicken in almost a year.”

Feldman has used the policy known as the “Publix Promise” for nearly a year now because the chickens’ weight didn’t match what was on the labels.

She doesn’t consume the chicken herself, but instead works with local animal rescue organizations who use the meat to feed cats and dogs. Feldman said she would previously buy up to 30 chickens a week, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Because of the Publix Promise, Feldman received 47 underweight chickens for free from 11 stores across Broward County after she drove from store to store in a single day, she shared with The Tampa Bay Times.

Feldman has complained to managers and officials at the Publix headquarters in Lakeland about the underweight chickens.

“They promised they would do something,” she explained to the Sun Sentinel.

Publix is now going to fix the problem with the labels.

“Publix delis have been informed to weigh rotisserie chickens that seem underweight and price them appropriately, or use those chickens in other deli recipes,” Publix spokeswoman Nicole Krauss said to the Sun Sentinel.

Krauss stated that the chickens have not been weighed usually because they come in from the supplier over 2 pounds always. However, she cited that harsh storms caused the chickens to eat less because they’re cold.

She explained that it was an isolated incident that has been resolved.


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