Police: Accused Scammer Throws Bucket Of Urine On Code Enforcement Officer

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — Authorities say a man accused of scamming customers of rental property threw a bucket of urine on a building inspector.

The Herald-Tribune reports that Craig Siegel doused a Sarasota County Code enforcement officer with urine on his property Monday morning.

Siegel reportedly scammed at least 19 victims out of $53,000 by advertising a 12-bedroom rental house.

“This was supposed to be for my 50th birthday that is coming up on Friday,” Denise Blair told WTVT-TV. “I was having friends come in, family come in.”

Blair said she confronted Siegel about getting her money back, but he said he didn’t have it.

“He said … ‘We are not in the financial position to do that,’” Blair told WTVT.

The Herald Tribune reports that the rental home only had five bedrooms and when people showed up, he refused to give them their money back. When the code enforcement officer went to Siegel’s place Monday morning, that’s when Siegel allegedly dumped a bucket of urine on him.

“That’s just an allegation,” Siegel told WTVT.

Siegel has been charged with criminal mischief and battery on a code enforcement officer. He has also been charged with 19 counts of scheming to defraud.


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