It was a busy weekend with the Rays on a losing streak, Donald Sterling making insane racist comments and the NHL and NBA playoffs, but with all this going on… there are some crazy stories you may have missed.

Everybody I know is in love with the show “Game of Thrones” so in honor of the NHL playoffs an illustrator and Capitals fan, Rachel Cohen, decided to make a “Game of Thrones” style shield for each NHL team. She finished this project in less than a week, and each design is awesome. Let’s hope she makes prints or posters for all the fans to put up on their wall.

Barcelona defenseman Dani Alves was the victim of a mindless racist act over the weekend, when a fan threw a banana in his direction. Back in January, Alves spoke about how he is frequently subject to racial abuse that includes monkey sounds while playing in Spain. Rather than getting upset, he picked the banana up, peeled it, and took a bite. You can throw food at me anytime you want, it won’t hurt my feelings either.

On the athletes I want to party with list, Rob Gronkowski ranks pretty high. Gronk was in Manhattan, Kansas over the weekend for the Kansas State spring game to watch his brother, Glenn. He was posing for pictures with the students and was seen in a photo with a beer bong in a man’s Zumba shorts. Apparently, Zumba’s are still a thing in Kansas!

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