Video Captures Dad Kicking 6-Year-Old Son Off Top Of Skate Ramp

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A Florida dad is captured on video kicking his 6-year-old son off the top of a skate ramp.

In the video posted on Instagram by 13-year-old Ryan Stephens, father Markus Crossland is shown kicking his son down the ramp at Kona Skate Park.

Martin Ramos, the park’s operator tells WTLV-TV that he confronted Crossland following the incident.

“He [Crossland] said he was just caught up in the moment. He seemed very remorseful. He certainly understands the gravity of the situation and it seems like he is going to be answering to this thing for quite some time to come,” Ramos told WTLV.

The Department of Children and Families say they will launch an investigation into the matter.

“We do not consider this to be appropriate behavior,” John Harrell, department spokesman, told WTLV.

Stephens confronted Crossland after recording the video as to why he would push his son like that.

“He said, ‘Because he needs to learn.’ I was like, ‘Pushing him down is not teaching him how to drop in.’ And then he said, ‘Do you think you can raise him better than me?’ and I said, ‘Yes,’” Stephens explained to WTLV.

Ramos said he told Crossland to not return to the park.

“I encouraged him to put the fun back in it and get out of all the events and all this delusions of grandeur that have him kind of motivated,” Ramos told WTLV.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office say they want to speak with Crossland about the video.


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