(BLOG) Marc Ryan’s Bucs 1st Round Wish List

With the draft two weeks away, what better time to reiterate the three players I feel are no-brainer, home run, slam dunk selections for your Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And with apologies for the lack of creativity in my cliches, I feel the same about these players – sometimes, there’s no need to out-think the room.

1. Sammy Watkins – Sammy is a top five wide receiver in the NFL TODAY – as in, already. One of the fan talking points that riches my herrera the most, is when people say “We can get a (name of position) later.” You can, but it’s never apples to apples. Those same people said the same thing in the ’07 draft about not landing Calvin Johnson. The other 1st round receivers were Ted Ginn and Robert Meachem. With Sammy’s other-worldly athletic ability, it’s simple – trade up to take him now, or wish you had later.

2. Johnny Manziel – Johnny Football is a phenomenal choice for the Bucs for EVERY reason. It goes without saying, he’d make the team nationally relevant and would sell out every game at Raymond James. but if that’s ALL he offered, he’d be a flash pick sans substance. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. I consider Johnny to be a positive blend of Brett Favre and Michael Vick. How would you feel as a Bucs fan if you knew the team had “The Guy” at football’s most important position for the next ten years? That will be the case if “Johnny Manziel” is turned in on the Bucs card at pick #7.

3. Teddy Bridgewater – yeah, I know his pro day failed to impress. He bounced a couple of balls, didn’t throw with a great deal of confidence – yada yada yada. How do I feel about pro days? Well, I think a pro day and 25 cents will get you a cup of coffee. That should tell you something. Seriously – I’m supposed to throw away THREE YEARS of outstanding game tape on Teddy because of one rough workout? He carved up my Gators in the Sugar Bowl as if they were a pumpkin – and he ate the seeds. Teddy’s the real deal, and any NFL talent evaluator who ignores the body of work in the name of the almighty pro day should pay with his job. Teddy’s a bonafide NFL starter.

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