(BLOG) Monika wants athletes to keep it classy

Millions of dollars, millions of fans, and millions of accolades. That’s what all the A-List Athletes not only have, but also expect. With that expectation comes an attitude that manifests into flashy clothes, fancy cars, and crazy antics.

It’s those very things the media covers and for that reason, fans tend to remember all the “bad” stuff associated with top-name athletes.

That’s why I enjoy it when every once in a while I read about an athlete doing something GOOD.

A donation to a charity, a new house for a single mom, a visit to a sick child’s hospital bed. Those are the things that renew my faith in athletes and their attitudes toward their wealth/fame.

Most recently, Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt, helped a child in a very unique way.

A young boy named Trey and JJ Watt became friends and when Trey told his classmates, they didn’t believe him. Feeling frustrated Trey told Watt. Watt decided to handle it.

Watt posted a video to his Instagram account, introducing himself as Trey’s friend and then having Trey throw him a touchdown.
I think Trey’s classmates are believers now.

It took minimal effort and minimal time, but it meant everything to young Trey.

Now if only JJ Watt could teach a class about how to act when you’re in the spotlight to a few of his peers, maybe we could all have a little more respect for more athletes.

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