By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnline

In my continuing attempt to give NFL Draft fans something a little different than just the “Big Board” or “Mock Draft,” I wanted to see if we could put your mind to work.

Below, you will see realistic options for the Bucs in each of the 1st three rounds of May’s draft. Next to each player will be a brief description of that player.

Pick the player you’d want the Bucs to select in each round, and share your selections with us on the 98.7 Facebook Page. Your comments will be read live on Fan Interference Tuesday.

Since the Buccaneers were 32nd in the NFL last season and have little to improve themselves there, we’re going to only allow you to select offensive players. Remember, choose wisely and try and pair the best 3 players to help the Bucs offense for years to come.

Again, not every player will be available to you. These are REALISTIC options for each of the top 3 rounds of the draft for the Bucs.

Round 1 Available Options: Pick One

Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Louisville – Quiet quarterback with a very accurate arm. Bridgewater’s stock has been slipping thru this entire draft process, and not just because of a poor pro day. He’d likely slide to the late 1st/early 2nd round if not selected by the Bucs.

Johnny Manziel – QB – Texas A&M – The ultimate “risk vs. reward” player in this draft. Manziel might actually be a very good fit for Jeff Tedford’s offense, but are you willing to take a chance on such a wildcard?

Derek Carr – QB – Fresno St. – Believe it or not, Carr might be the best fit for Jeff Tedford’s offense. He has a lightning quick release and mobility. The 7th pick might be a little high for him, but if you believe he’s your quarterback to build around, is this pick really too high for him?

Eric Ebron – TE – North Carolina – It’s uncertain how much the tight end will be used in Jeff Tedford’s new offense, but Ebron brings unique skills in the pass game. There might be some quality tight end targets in other rounds, and with the addition of Brandon Myers, the need of tight end for the Bucs might not be so dire.

Odell Beckham – WR – LSU – Beckham is a big time homerun threat with elite speed and decent size. He snags the ball out of the air. The 7th pick might be a bit high for him, but with Watkins and Evans gone and a need for receiver, he might just be an ideal fit for “speed in space.”


Round 2 Available Options: Pick One

Marqise Lee – WR – USC – Lee is more quick than fast as he moves like a joist stick, but does not possess elite straight-line speed. His quickness would actually be a great fit in Tedford’s offense that consists of quick passes to receivers in space.

Kelvin Benjamin – WR – FSU – Benjamin is a matchup nightmare. He wouldn’t be considered “speed in space,” but if you got the ball out to him in space, he could run over a defensive back rather than run around them.

Allen Robinson – WR – Penn St. – Robinson is actually a perfect blend of Benjamin and Lee. Robinson has a great combination of size and speed. My question would be whether he is quick enough to make plays in space.

Jace Amaro – TE – Texas Tech – I’m a huge fan of Austin Seferian-Jenkins, but feel he will be gone by this point. Amaro is a receiving threat in the pass game, but does not possess the elite speed of Ebron. The question is whether Tedford likes his tight ends as receiving threats or as balanced tight ends.

Cyrus Kouandjio – OT – Alabama – I am not a fan of Kouandjio as a pass blocker, but feel he might be a veru good fit at guard as opposed to left tackle. He is a physical run blocker and should be much better in pass protection at guard than at tackle. Is he a starting right guard immediately?

Gabe Jackson – OG – Mississippi St. – I actually hate Jackson as a fit for the Bucs. The way the Bucs have pieced together their new offensive line has been to add new pieces that are more athletic and better in pass protection. Jackson is a mauler who can be a liability in pass protection. I say he’s a bad fit, but are you drafting him?

Jimmy Garoppolo – QB – Eastern Illinois – I think Garoppolo might be drafted by this point, but I wanted to give you a QB option in round 2. Garoppolo’s athleticism and quick release is a great fit for Tedford’s offense, but he is an extremely raw quarterback who will need ample time to develop. Are we willing to wait at least two years for him to develop?


Round 3 Available Options: Pick One

Billy Turner – OT/OG – North Dakota St. – The Bucs seem to want versatile offensive linemen. As I have stated, I believe the Bucs are looking for athletic offensive linemen who excel at pass protection. Turner is a former offensive tackle who I think would bring athleticism to guard.

CJ Fiedorowicz – TE – Iowa – When it comes to tight ends in this draft, the talk usually swirls around Ebron, Amaro, Seferian-Jenkins, and Niklas, but I feel Fiedorowicz is being a little overlooked. At Iowa, he wasn’t able to put his receiving skills on display as much as you’d like because of the offense, but he is a balanced tight end who is physical in the run game, but can also make big plays in the pass game.

Donte Moncrief – WR – Ole Miss – I am a huge fan of Moncrief. It’s tough to get the full picture on him because his quarterback play at Ole Miss was sketchy. He must catch the ball more consistently. However, with the ball in his hands, he might be as electric as any player in this draft.

Martavis Bryant – WR – Clemson – Bryant is a tall receiver with speed to stretch the field. He can be a nice red-zone target, but I’m unsure if he has the quickness and agility I’d like my receiver to have in Tedford’s quick pass offense.

Paul Richardson – WR – Colorado – Speed in space. Richardson is a former track star who is among the fastest players in the draft. He is very undersized. I’m trying desperately to not think of App State’s Dexter Jackson when I watch him.

AJ McCarron – QB – Alabama – McCarron led one of the nation’s top football programs for the past several years. He has played in plenty of big games and manages an offense as good as any quarterback in this draft. If you think Johnny Manziel is a prima donna, you might be in for a rude awakening if you select McCarron.

Aaron Murray – QB – Georgia -No doubt Aaron Murray is a favorite around here. Hell, I love Aaron Murray. Murray’s character is the type that you’d love to hand the keys to your entire franchise over to, but he does have flaws. While accurate, I do not know if Murray is as accurate as Bridgewater and lacks elite arm strength. I also can not overlook the fact that he is still recovering from a torn ACL, which could effect his mobility moving forward. If Jeff Tedford wants a quarterback that can move, that could also be a deterrent to drafting Murray. I did put Murray here because I feel he ends up being a 3rd round pick, if not sneaking into the 2nd round when it is all said and done.


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