This Oscar Pistorius trial makes me want to scrub down in a steaming hot shower! The first time I heard the story on or around Valentine’s Day 2013 it just didn’t pass the smell test. That’s even after trying to give ol’ “Blade Runner” the benefit of the doubt because of his own incredible back story which we’ve all heard by now. Try as I might I just couldn’t wrap my head around why Pistorius would shoot bullets through a bathroom door at an unseen intruder who could’ve been his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. We know now that it was Steenkamp behind that door, just as Oscar knew that fateful night, I bet. It made absolutely no sense then and it’s beginning to sound like so much rubbish in front of the world as played out in South Africa’s court system. Oscar Pistorius is looking more and more like his nation’s version of OJ Simpson, this time with an interesting twist. See, Pistorius may actually be convicted for the crime he’s accused, whereas “Juice” was able to somehow slip off the hook.

The crime Oscar’s charged with is pre-meditated murder which carries a sentence of 25 years to life in prison. How quickly the mighty have fallen! This guy was a national hero approaching the scale of Mandela, making the country proud at the London Olympics, competing on legs of carbon fiber. But his notorious short fuse and his affinity for firearms proved to be a deadly combination for his girlfriend that early morning when she was hit with three of four bullets and died in the hero’s foyer. Gerrie Nel, the prosecuting attorney is described as a “pit bull” and thankfully so. Reeva didn’t deserve to die that way and Nel has Pistorius contradicting himself and weeping uncontrollably on the stand. A couple of weeks ago at the trial’s outset Pistorius was actually able to vomit in the court room suspending that day’s schedule! Not a good look for The Blade Runner, to be sure, head in a trash can as the world watches. Here we have a classic case of another narcissistic athlete who decided he’d make the rules and deal with the consequences later. To me the evidence screams “guilty” but we’ll just have to see if the court agrees. I mean, what do I know? I still think OJ did it!

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