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Every man and some women I know were glued to the TV this weekend watching The Masters, the Lightning, and the Rays so I’m sure there are some stories out there you all missed!

“Draft Day” with Kevin Costner was released this weekend to a very weak audience, only making $9.8 million. Many of my co-workers saw this movie and said it was a great film, comparing it to “MoneyBall”. “Draft Day” was a small budget film costing around $20 million to make. To matters worse for the film, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, which came out last weekend brought in $41.4 million and at #2 was “Rio 2” with $39 million… a cartoon sequel about funny birds. Kevin Costner must feel pretty bad today.

Maybe movie goers were busy watching The Masters this weekend at Augusta National as Bubba Watson won his second green jacket. If you were to win $1.6 million for playing golf where would you go to celebrate? Bubba took his friends and family to the Waffle House for hash browns and waffles. It reminds me of Phil Mickelson driving thru the Krispy Kreme in his green jacket back in 2010.

What’s the one sure way to get arrested at an airport? Arrive drunk (check), yell “Bomb” at a TSA agent (check) Allegedly, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith did both this weekend at Los Angeles International Airport. Smith was held and charged with making a false bomb threat. Smith was released Monday morning after posting $20,000 bail. Bomb threats can result in up to a year of jail time.

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