(BLOG) Marc Ryan -Congrats To The Media/Fans On Derrick Gordon

This week, Derrick Gordon, a 6’3 shooting guard at UMASS, announced he’s gay. In so doing, he became the first active division one player to do so. This requires tremendous bravery, courage, guts, cahones, and deserves our support, encouragement, but none of our attention.

When Michael Sam came out this year before the NFL combine, that was news – he was the first active soon-to-be NFL player to face playing his entire professional career in “full disclosure mode,” in the most macho of sports existences. We on “Out Of Bounds” covered it as extensively as anyone else
Now, every time an athlete comes out, he’s the first this or she’s the first that – and really, I’m over it – we all should be. Charles Barkley said it best, referencing Jason Collins last year – “I didn’t care who Jason Collins slept with last night (before announcement), and I don’t care who he sleeps with tonight.”

When Jason Collins came out, that’s a story. When Sam did, when Robbie Rogers did in MLS before the other two, it’s a big deal. They’re the pioneers – they’re the door openers. Yet now, that door has opened. Now, that ship has sailed. Now, this is no longer a news story. These are normal human beings who shouldn’t have their personal lives publicized.

I applaud the national media for moving quickly off the Derrick Gordon story this week – and sports fans as well. Congrats to Derrick Gordon for getting something monumental off his chest. Congrats to us for graduating past the “shock and awe” of the announcement.

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