Responders Cut Hole In House Of Man Who Weighs Several Hundred Pounds After Fall

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A man who weighs several hundred pounds had to have the back of his home cut open so rescue personnel could get him out after he fell.

WPTV reports that dozens of firefighters and the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue’s “Bariatric Unit” – which can assist patients that weigh up to 1,000 pounds – were on the scene to help the 63-year-old obese man.

“There’s no way I or the neighbor could get him out,” Don Estess, the obese man’s friend, told WPTV, adding that the man’s cluttered house made it harder for responders to get him out.

Rescue officials had to cut a hole in the side of the man’s house to get him out after he fell. Mark Tenn of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 30 tells WPTV that his squad has been seeing more of these kinds of calls from obese people.

“It seems as though we have been running more and more calls. Just off the top of my head. It seems as though we run one per month and it seems to be increasing,” Tenn said.

Estess said his friend wasn’t happy that rescue officials had to cut a hole in his house.

“He may not be happy that they cut a hole in the back of his house. But they had to get him out. It’s just that simple,” Estess told WPTV.
Wooden planks were used to help wheel the stretcher to the ambulance.

The man was alert and talking with responders after he was rescued.

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