Report: Johnny Manziel Posts Highest Wonderlic Score Among Top QBs

By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnline

No player has been discussed more leading up to the NFL Draft than Johnny Manziel. While most talk about whether or not he will succeed on the field or if his “sideshow” is too much of a distraction, few have discussed how intelligent of a human being he actually is.

According to former NFL scout and current radio host in San Francisco John Middlekauff, Manziel is proving to be very intelligent in both football and outside of football.

Every year we go through the wonderlic and talk about how they have zero relation to playing football and how they are overrated. For Manziel and the controversy that has surrounded him, this news could only be considered a positive.

Although these Wonderlic scores, if true, do not show whether Manziel will be a great NFL QB or not, it does show that he might not be just a total goof off as some might portray him to be.

According to Middlekauff, Manziel has had his intelligence on display while on his visits as well.

Whether you are a fan of Manziel or not, this news probably should surprise each of you evenly. For a player known for his partying and celebrity status, I’d guess not one person reading this would have predicted Manziel would post the highest Wonderlic score of all the top QBs in this draft class.

Again, this news, if true, does not mean Manziel will be a good NFL QB or not, but it does show that he might have some off-field positive traits that don’t include partying and hanging out with celebrities.

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