Every now and then listeners email us to complain… lol or for advice. Either way, we always try to address everyone’s questions and every now and then, we take the issue on-air. This week we received a really interesting email from a father that took his son out of school to attend the Rays opening day game against his wife’s wishes. Was the husband wrong for doing this? Have you ever taken your child out of school for a sporting event? Here’s the email from the listener:


Love your show and need your help please! I’ve had a little issue bubbling in my house for over a week now so I figured I would shoot you guys an email for some advice on my situation. This past week has been rocky between the wife and I because of a disagreement over opening day. Yes, we actually got into a fight over baseball lol

We have a 10 year old son who absolutely loves baseball. He’s been playing Little League for a few years, he loves watching the Rays games on TV and I’ve also taken to him to a couple of games. We were actually at the game last year when Cobb took that line drive to his head, which was very scary to witness in person by the way.

Anyways, this year the job gave me tickets to Opening Day at the Trop so I wanted to take my son. The problem is, we live all the way up here in Brooksville and it takes us a long time to get down to St. Pete so I would have to take my son out of school early. Plus, I wanted to get my son there early to hopefully get some autographs. My wife was totally against it and very adamant that she didn’t want him being taken out early because honestly, he’s a terrible student and he’s barely passing. The fact that my wife hates sports probably didn’t help the situation either lol.

Needless to say, I took my son out of school, we had an absolute blast and now my wife won’t speak to me. She says I did something deliberately against her wishes and that we’re not on the same page raising our son. I think she’s being a little ridiculous and I feel having a special moment with my little guy was well worth all this drama. Do you guys think I did the right thing in taking my son to the game? Please ask your listeners also and let me know cuz lord knows I need all the help in the world right now!

Thanks guys!



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