By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnline

I’ve been trying to come up with some different types of posts as we lead up to the NFL Draft. This week I posted my 1st round and 2nd round Bucs Boards with the top 10 options I’d have for the Bucs in each of those rounds.

Here, I’m going to take all of the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft and pair them with the team I think they’d fit best with.

Johnny Manziel – Dallas Cowboys – There probably is no better match in this draft. Yes, Romo has a big contract, but they do it big in Dallas. Manziel as Cowboys starting quarterbackmight stop the earth’s rotation. Jerry Jones is always in a “win-now” mode, but Manziel’s celebrity status might be too enticing to pass on.

Teddy Bridgewater – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I think the Bucs need a quarterback with some mobility and the ability to get rid of the ball quickly and accurately. Bridgewater’s quiet persona might mesh well with Lovie Smith’s very similar personality.

Blake Bortles – Houston Texans – The connection between Bill O’Brien and George O’Leary should not be ignored. Bortles is a big pocket passer with very good pocket awareness and the ability to run when needed. The Texans might go Clowney with 1st pick, but Bortles is the best fit for them.

Derek Carr – Cleveland Browns – While Bridgewater makes sense, I think the Browns need a charismatic QB that has mobility and can throw the ball with accuracy all over the field. Carr is that guy. Now, whether the Browns take him with the 4th pick or the 26th pick is a different story. This story is all about best fits.

Jimmy Garoppolo – Oakland Raiders – Garoppolo is a very raw quarterback with a quick release. With the new acquisition of Matt Schaub, the Raiders might not be looking for a quarterback to start this year and maybe next year either. Garoppolo can sit and learn before he is thrust in as starter.

Zach Mettenberger – Minnesota Vikings – New offensive coordinator Norv Turner likes big quarterbacks with big arms. Mettenberger had tremendous success last season at LSU under offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Of course, Cameron was Norv Turner’s offensive coordinator in San Diego. Sounds like a fit to me.

Aaron Murray – Jacksonville Jaguars – How could the Jaguars wait to draft a quarterback when they are so desperate for one? Well, I don’t think they will wait as long as people think. The Jaguars staff comes from the Seahawks mindset. Yes, Murray is shorter than ideal and is coming off a torn ACL, but I think he ends up going in the 3rd round, and the Jaguars could mimic exactly what the Seahawks did when they selected Russell Wilson in the 3rd round just a couple years ago.

AJ McCarron – Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals are not desperate for a quarterback, but could draft one and develop him behind Carson Palmer. McCarron is a pocket passer who manages the game well. As a 3rd round pick, The Cardinals would still be able to address other needs earlier.


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