LAKE WORTH, Flo. (CBS Tampa) – A 19-year-old prostitute allegedly chocked a man to death after he did not pay for sexual services.

Andrea Alvira is facing a second-degree murder charge for killing Brandon Day Jan. 15, the Sun Sentinel reported. The woman told Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that she met Day in a park and that he offered to give her a ride after a john stood her up.

Alvira told investigators that she attacked the 22-year-old man after he pushed her to the ground, raped her, and took off running after robbing her. But police said there was no evidence to back up her claims against Day.

Investigators determined that Alvira agreed to providing sexual services for a fee and that they had arranged to meet at the community clubhouse.

Day tried to escape without paying her for her services, but the woman chased him into a yard where she dropped him by hitting in the neck and getting on top of his chest where she forced her knees into his throat, suffocating him, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Police found text messages between the two which proved that they had planned a meeting. Once they arrived to the scene, they found her “sitting in the grass next to the victim who was unresponsive and believed to be deceased,” the arrest report said.

The medical examiner ruled March 26 that Day’s death was a homicide. Police arrested Alvira Wednesday and booked her into Palm Beach County Jail.


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