The World According to the Big Fajita

I was watching TV last night waiting for all the west coast games to finish up before going to bed. On Fox Sports 1 they showed the World Champion Boston Red Sox going to the White House to meet the President. I think’s cool that the sitting president congratulates the winners of the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals and the World Series to meet the leader of the free world.

But while watching the celebration I saw something that’s act is getting old. Big Papi pulled out his cell phone and snapped a Selfie with the President. Then I found out later on-line that Ortiz signed a deal with a cellphone maker and he got paid for the selfie. And that’s it for me that crossed the line. I have taken my own picture with a cellphone only because there was no one to take my picture or everyone else was busy and i did not want to bother anyone.

But the new craze of taking selfies is STUPID, its hey look at me … everyone get real close to me, pay attention to me because we all have to wait for me to take the picture. If it ellen at an award show, Big Papi at the White House or anyone else do me a favor and stop it … its lame and so are you for taking a slefie.

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