We have reached our final first round match up in the Fan Interference Media Madness bracket and it may turn out to be our most competitive one yet. Anyone who turns on the nightly news has their own reasoning for doing so. Some want the breaking stories from around the world, others need to know if their weekend trip will be ruined by some rainy weather. Some of us still want our news to have a reliable, honest sports anchor to give us the latest news without bias and agenda, and we are lucky to have an abundance of sportscasters who bring us that.

Rock Riley for many is the first person you think of when you think of Bright House Network. For years, Rock has brought tons of great information while being one of the friendliest human beings in the business.

Dan Lucas has been with Channel 8 and does a lot of work with the Buccaneers doing sideline work during the preseason with in game access that no one else can bring to you.

Dave Wirth is the veteran of the bracket and has been a staple of Tampa Bay sports in the news field for the longest time. In that time, Dave has built up a great relationship with his viewers.

Chip Carter not only has been a sportscaster for FOX 13, but always brought a smile to Justin’s face with his very popular ‘Fish n Chip’ segment with Chip out on a boat just hitting hard on all those offshore adventures.


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