(POLL) Media Madness TV Region

Today in the Media Madness bracket, we move into the TV region of our bracket. Today’s bracket involves our local announcers for the Lightning and Rays.

Dewayne Staats has been a constant through a lot of the ups and downs of the franchise and has taken fans through the journey of being the laughing stock of the American League, to becoming one of the best franchises in sports. Dewayne brings and old school baseball tradition to every game, and really does a great job of relating to both the young new fans, and the traditional baseball purist.

Brian Anderson is relatively new to the Rays booth, but he has quickly become a fan favorite for his wit and dry humor that keeps the flow of the game moving throughout the broadcast. As a former pitcher, Brian does a great job of explaining the mentality of the pitcher in any given situation, and how they could best effectively get out of it.

Rick Peckham has been with the Lightning and seen it all across the NHL. Rick has seen the team grow from a southeast laughing stock, to a well run team led by Jeff Vinik. Rick also from time to time can be seen on NBCSN calling national games.

Bobby “The Chief” Taylor every night the Lightning play is known for his passion, and his “honest” views of the action that he sees on the ice. Whether it is a bad turnover or a brutal call by the refs, Taylor is going to give you his unfiltered account of what he sees on the ice. Like Brian Anderson, The Chief played the game at the most important position on the ice in net. This allows Bobby to give his unique perspective on the game.

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