Today marks the first round of the Fan Interference Media Madness. Our first match up is an intra-office battle of the host of Sports Radio 98.7 The Fan. The competitors are men who have all worked very hard to get to this point, and all have the will to win.

First up, it’s morning show host Kirk McEwen. Kirk is a radio veteran who has been doing rock for decades and has made the transition to sports rather seamlessly and has thrived  with his co-host, Chris Dingman. If Kirk had a comp for this tournament, he reminds us most of Memphis. A team that has a lot of senior leadership, and tournament moxy.

Next up, is the host of Fan Interference, Justin Pawlowski. Justin, who could NOT make it at Connecticut, has made it in radio for over 10 years. As a draft insider, Justin has been the go to source for tireless draft coverage for years. Justin is a grind you out, slow it down team. Much in the mold of Wisconsin. Like the Badgers, Justin comes from a plump, brat filled mentality state. He’s built for comfort, not speed as his 5.98 40 yard dash would suggest.

The baseball insider Rich Herrera comes into the tournament as a heavy contender. Rich has pretty much seen and done it all in radio. From play by play to host the pre and post game responsibilities with the Tampa Bay Rays. Rich now plies his trade both locally and nationally here with Booger McFarland and on Sirius XM MLB. UCLA is a traditional power from the west and Rich is another team with a deep history hoping to make a run.

Marc Ryan is relatively newcomer to the tournament. Marc joined the station a few months ago, but has already made a lot of noise in the nights for his hard hitting, honest opinions that have really shaken up the establishment. Marc has had a passion for sports since his time at Florida, and has been plying his trade across the south. Another team that has shaken things up this tournament is Wichita State.

FAN INTERFERENCE will have a significant announcement at 9:00 this morning regarding the winner of this controversial poll.


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