Witness: Woman Lights Man’s Car On Fire Because He Wouldn’t Buy Her McDonald’s Ice Cream

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A woman set a man’s car on fire because he wouldn’t buy her McDonald’s ice cream.

Witness Sabryna Maré was standing in front of the arguing couple in line early Sunday morning at the McDonald’s near St. Johns Bluff.

“She was saying she wanted this and wanted that, and she wanted either a McFlurry or an ice cream on top and he was not in for it,” Maré told WTEV.  “Then he was yelling at her saying he’s not going to do it.”

The argument escalated after the man denied the woman anything from McDonald’s.

“Next thing you know, she says ‘I’m going to blow it up,’ and we were wondering what are you going to blow up?” Maré recounted.

The woman grabbed the man’s keys and ran outside to the car which was reported to be a 1994 El Dorado, according to a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue incident report.

“She got something out of the car that happened to be a bottle and then she got gasoline from who knows where,” Maré explained.  “Then she poured everything all over it and next thing you know there was a match and it was up in flames.”

Witnesses tried to help the man put the fire out, but it quickly engulfed into flames by the time firefighters had arrived to the scene.

Maré said that the woman ran through a parking lot and was not found.  She said that after the fire was out, the man along with the car disappeared too.

“It was one second here, one second there, gone,” Maré said.  “Later we saw the car parked on the side of Beach Boulevard.”


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