Time To Fill Out Your Brackets!

Every year around this time, it seems every office around the country becomes consumed by the annual tradition that is March Madness. From managers, to receptionist, to people you never even knew worked in the building. Everyone thinks they have the best method of how and why they have the best bracket.  Some people believe that doing the most research is the key to a great bracket.  While others believe that every year, it seems like it’s the one person that never watches a game, but decides that the best jersey color scheme is the way to go.

All of this bracket hysteria got us at Fan Interference thinking about brackets. Because we all know that one thing that guys love to do around this time, is rank things, and then have them face off in a tournament style tournament. So it got us thinking about the kind of tournament we would want to have and we decided to the best thing for us would be to hold the first annual: Tampa Bay Media Tournament.  We have debated the past few days about who made the cut in our bracket and we have sent the contenders into 4 regions: Radio, Print, Television, and Mainstream media. 32 people made the field and the winner will be decided by YOUR vote. Each day, starting Wednesday, we will unveil a new bracket that listeners will have to vote on to decide who will win the Tampa Bay sports media tournament.


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