As I sit here after my first OrangeTheory Fitness Challenge workout at their gym on US 19 in Clearwater I have to say I’m proud of myself! It’s been on my mind for the past week or so and it’s nice to have that first one behind me. When the idea of a “Fitness Challenge” was presented I knew it would be a bit of an undertaking. Just the name itself implies a certain level of seriousness while trying to get into some kind of shape. Little did I know about the OrangeTheory way before just recently and that’s what I’d like to convey to you. This IS NOT the place to go to lean on the equipment and swap stories about the weekend. Go someplace else and do that. This IS the spot for results-minded people with a busy schedule and the true desire and drive to get in shape. Here are the three things I really like about the OrangeTheory experience.

First and foremost is the staff at OrangeTheory. From Managing Partner Deann on down, I’m not even exaggerating when I say this is the most friendly, sharing-without-glaring crew of trainers I’ve ever come up against. You know what I’m saying? Some trainers are intimidating and make you feel like a burden when you ask for instruction or help with a certain movement or machine. Not at OrangeTheory. Not only are the trainers smiling and encouraging the entire time, there were three or four who did the workout right along side us! While Norine was leading the way on the mic with upbeat, re-mixed tunes pumpin’, trainers Natalie, Jason, and Mike all did the same workout Special Ed and I did. Ours was a group of about 20 and while some were on the treadmill the others were on the rowing machines or weights, so it’s not just the trainers but the group dynamic at OrangeTheory. I really felt like we’d accomplished something together at the end of the session.

The session was one hour. One hour well spent for a clock watcher like myself! You get to the gym a few minutes early, get the strap and heart monitor you’ll need (more on that later) and find out where you’ll be starting. Once the workout begins the OrangeTheory group is in constant motion. If you need to take a break you definitely can but there is no wasted time! It’s amazing how much time I squandered when I called myself going to the gym before. Plus, you’re really getting an hour with a personal trainer who isn’t going to let you waste money by not exerting during your workout. You can’t NOT see results at OrangeTheory is what I’ve heard and I’m beginning to understand why. I’d much rather be moving for a full hour under the watchful eye of trained professionals than spend an unproductive 90 minutes on my own with uneven results.

The last thing I’ll mention after Day 1 is the technology. At OrangeTheory they hook you up to a heart monitor (as mentioned earlier) so, not only do the trainers know how efficiently you’re working but so do you. You want to slack off and not get out of the green “comfort zone”? You’ll feel guilty that you’re not doing your best because everybody else is and everybody glances up to the screen where the results are posted. And you know that you’re not hurting yourself because the monitor tells you where you’re registering. You can be 25 working out next to someone 75 and both be in your optimum zone! It’s a brilliant concept that’s got OrangeTheory Fitness so many satisfied customers. Our commitment is three times a week for six weeks. I’m really going to commit to this for the duration of the challenge, hopefully longer, we’ll see. My beginning weight was 225 lbs and at 5’7″ you don’t have to be a genius to tell I need to lose weight. Your first session’s always free at OrangeTheory so check ’em out…

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