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Well I’m sure we all had a better weekend than Jim Irsay and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day to the max, but as you were nursing your green beer headache, I’ve been looking up some Stories We Missed.

Just when the Florida Gators are on a winning streak in the NCAA tournament, Florida wide receiver Andre DeBose had to make headlines for a fight, in which he went through a window. Debose and three others were eating dinner when the fifth-year senior began to argue with another man, Victor Watkins. The situation then escalated when John Honeycutt became angry with Watkins for pushing Debose through the window, so he went and got a gun and started shooting into Watkins SUV. Honeycutt was arrested for aggravated assault, everyone else was released. Who knew dinner parties were so dangerous?

The Chicago Cubs are in need of new team psychologist after they fired Marc Strickland this weekend. Reportedly, Strickland was being a team player in more ways then one. He had his own locker, dressed in team gear and played catch and shagged balls before games during batting practice. Hopefully the Cubs can find a new doctor quick. God knows they need all the help they can get!

Over the weekend the Valspar Tournament was in Palm Harbor and on Friday John Daly, everyone’s favorite drunk uncle, carded a 90…19 over par. Most of the damage was done on the par-four 16th, where Daly put three balls into the water. Later in the day he tweeted, “Wow can’t believe the negative comments it’s just sad how so many can be so mean”. I’m not claiming to be a PGA pro, but honestly I could do better on skates!

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