From NFL Films Greg Cosell joined Fan Interference today to give his thoughts on the moves that the Buccaneers have made in free agency the past few days. Although Greg does not see him as a pure pass rusher, Michael Johnson is a versatile guy who can do more then just rush the passer. Johnson is a big time, long athlete who can do a lot of things besides getting to the passer.

Another signing that the Bucs made was cornerback Alterraun Verner who is another versatile guy that can play cover 2 and will work well in the Lovie Smith scheme. Clinton McDonald is another guy that Greg thought looked very effective in the Seattle scheme and will do very well along side Gerald McCoy in getting pressure up front.

Cosell throughout the season was a champion for Mike Glennon and said that the move to sign Josh McCown was a move in his direction to make him the starter over Mike Glennon. Greg does feel that although he is a fan of Glennon’s performance last year in his rookie season, that obviously the team saw something in Glennon that they were not comfortable with moving forward and chose to go with McCown


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