Former NFL WR and sports radio host from Chicago Tom Waddle broke down what Bucs fans can expect out of their new starting QB Josh McCown.

Waddle said the table was set for McCown when he filled in for Cutler, but you can’t take away what he did. He had a great QB rating and a 13-1 TD to interception ratio. You probably won’t see that same consistency in Tampa, but Chicago fans did want him to stay and backup Cutler.

McCown is more athletic than people give him credit for. He won’t make your eyes pop from making spectacular plays but he’s very efficient and is a solid QB.

Right now, Waddle says he’s still a game manager. He’s a little surprised that the Bucs went after him so heavily because they already have Mike Glennon.

Waddle said he wouldn’t have named a starter so soon like Lovie Smith did. He believes it’s hard for a young QB like Glennon to grow in this situation. However, McCown is underrated as an athlete and is one of the best human beings you’ll ever see. If Glennon takes the starting job back, Waddle says McCown will be the ultimate teammate and help him.


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