(AUDIO) Josh McCown: Starting Did Play a Role in Me Coming to Tampa

Josh McCown 3-13-14

Newly signed free agent QB Josh McCown joined Booger and Rich to talk about his new role as the starting QB for the Buccaneers.

McCown said that his brother Luke, who once played for the Bucs, spoke highly of the Bucs and this area. He was excited to make his visit to One Buc.

McCown got the feeling that the Bucs wanted him to be the guy when he got in the building. He felt like they looked at him as the QB who could help get them back to playing Buccaneer football. He understood his role as a backup last season with the Bears, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be a starter.

McCown admitted that being a starting QB did play a role in him coming to Tampa, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for him and he didn’t demand to start.

In Lovie’s offense, McCown says he wants to protect the ball and be efficient. That’s how Lovie Smith coaches his team. McCown also understands that the offense has to score points and they won’t accept anything less.

At 34 years old, McCown doesn’t think he has the wear and tear on his body like other QB’s his age because he hasn’t played as much, so that shouldn’t be a major concern.

Lovie Smith was criticized in Chicago for having a weak offense but McCown says that his coach realizes he needs to score points. That’s why he brought in a strong offensive staff and strong free agents. McCown ensured us that the offense will carry their weight.


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