Report: Speeding Driver Told Police He Was ‘On His Way To Kill His Friend’

FORT PIERCE, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A man stopped by police for driving “so fast that a speed was unable to be determined” reportedly told the cops that pulled him over that he was “on his way to kill his friend.”

According to the Off the Beat blog of the TC Palm, 45-year-old Alberto Moreno of Port St. Lucie was pulled over on Feb. 18 after he drove past an idling officer who said his cruiser shook due to the speed of Moreno’s driving.

Once the officer pulled Moreno over, he confessed to police that he was on his way to murder his friend, explaining that the unnamed potential victim had “screw[ed] him over earlier that day and that he knew he was speeding and all over the road as well as drunk,” an arrest report obtained by the blog indicated.

He is said to have smelled of liquor and slurred his speech at the time of the stop. Additionally, Moreno’s shirt was reportedly on inside out and backwards. He attributed his condition to drinking throughout the day.

When officers asked him to step out of his vehicle to complete the roadside sobriety test, Moreno lost his balance as soon as he exited the car.

He was arrested soon after failing the test itself and charged with driving under the influence.


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