By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnline

Tony Dungy was never known as an aggressive coach. He was fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his unwillingness to do what was necessary in opening up the offense.

It appears as if Dungy has changed his ideology about the offensive side of the ball with his willingness to select perhaps the riskiest player in this year’s draft.

When speaking to KTCK-AM in Dallas, Dungy seemed very intrigued with the possibility of what Johnny Manziel could be in the NFL.

“He is productive, he’s a winner,” Dungy said. “He’s a guy that excites his teammates. He gets the most out of everybody around him. That’s what you’re looking for in a quarterback. But is he talented enough? Can you win with him? Is he going to make plays in the NFL? Absolutely. Should he be a top-five pick? We’ll see how that goes. If I’m committed to winning, I’d take him.”

Manziel enters this year’s draft as one of the riskiest players, but also a player whose rewards could be larger than any player in this draft as well. Manziel is the ultimate “boom or bust” prospect in this draft.

Tony Dungy also shared some concerns about the Texas A&M quarterback.

“My two concerns would be, No. 1, if you take him, you’ve got to build your offense around what he can do,” Dungy told The Musers on KTCK AM radio. “Very much what you’d have to do with Tim Tebow. You’ve gotta make a commitment and say, ‘We’re going to build around him.’ That’s not hard to do. You can do that.”

“The second concern I’d have is, can he stay healthy?” he said. “We saw it with Robert Griffin — spectacular athlete, special player. But when you build it on that mobility, you always have the concern: Can he hold up and stay healthy around these big players?”

Dungy did not mention any off-the-field concerns with Manziel.

Manziel has been considered a top 5 pick, but might be the quarterback with the best chance to slip on draft day if teams are unwilling to take the risk of drafting him.

Would the Bucs pass on him if he slipped to the 7th overall pick?

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