Tampa Bay must part ways with Darrelle Revis! It’s strictly business, nothing personal of course. By all accounts Revis rushed to get back on the field for Greg Schiano and his teammates even as the season quickly came unhinged. After the infamous year the Bucs secondary had in 2012 they had to do something in 2013 and to his credit Mark Dominik hooked the biggest fish out there. And even though he wasn’t quite the Revis we had come to know and love from his days as a Jet, he was still good enough to earn a Pro Bowl nod. If you’re looking to name the best two or three cornerbacks in the game you’d have to have Darrelle Revis on that list with Richard Sherman, I’ll let you pick the third guy. Precisely why Lovie Smith and the Bucs should trade Revis now and get what they can get.

Revis Island is expensive! Have you priced a “trip” lately? Revis is due to make $16 million in 2014, $6 million more than any other cornerback in the league! This is quarterback money, not what you pay a cornerback who, though is still quite capable and finally at full speed, may not fit the system. Throw in the fact that Revis gets a $1.5 million bonus if he’s still around on March 13th and now we’ve got the element of urgency. The word is that the Bucs aren’t actively shopping their corner but are answering the phone if teams happen to call. I say it’s time for the new regime to get creative. Figure out a way to deal Revis to one of these teams that’s sniffing around and get a couple of guys that fit Lovie’s style, maybe even Charles Tillman! Who better to help spread Lovie’s philosophy in the locker room than one of his former team leaders on the Bears and recent Walter Payton Award winner? The point is the Glazers over-paid for Revis last year thinking they were a player or two away and now may be their chance to get off Revis Island!

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