LUTZ, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A local woman is moving forward with a discrimination lawsuit against an area nudist resort after management ordered her to remove her service dog – or herself – from the premises.

The woman, Sharon Fowler, is legally blind and requires the help of her guide dog, Laura, to get around, the Tampa Bay Times learned.

The condominium association rules at Paradise Lakes Resort reportedly state that animals weighing over 25 pounds must be cleared through those who manage the property.

The Times learned that Laura’s size was too much of an issue for the association, who ordered Fowler to either rid herself of the dog or move out of the community. When she attempted to explain that Laura is her guide dog, management still refused to budge.

“I felt demeaned, and I felt degraded,” Fowler was quoted as saying by the paper. “I’ve never felt so degraded.”

According to WTSP, Laura is a licensed service animal that Fowler found through Southeastern Guide Dogs Services.

Fowler is now moving forward with her lawsuit after years of attempting to get her complaint heard in the courts.

“I don’t want anyone who has a service dog to ever be treated the way I’ve been treated. Someone has to stand up and say enough is enough,” she told WTSP.

When the station reached out to the managers of the resort, they were not offered any comment on the matter.


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