You’d think a 10-time PGA Tour winner as well as PGA Championship victor would at least adhere to some modicum of decorum. You’d be wrong.

Steve Elkington tweeted “ESPN reporting Michael Sam is leading the handbag throw at NFL combine…No one else expected to throw today”  to his more than 60,000 followers, and a lot of them were not happy he did it.

Ever since  University of Missouri defensive end, Michael Sam announced he’s gay, there have been constant discussions about whether the NFL is ready for Michael Sam and what  the locker room will be like with a gay player in it.

All of the negative and positive back-and-forth, and Sam hasn’t even taken one snap as a professional player.

And now a respected player in a totally different sport feels the need to chime in with an ignorant statement.

I realize it’s 2014, but with the recent rash of ridiculousness it’s starting to feel like the dark ages. Pitchforks and torches, finger-pointing, and name-calling all come from a time when tolerance was unheard of and just plain wrong in people’s eyes. The mob mentality and lynchings had people believing it was ok to say things to lash out at other people who are different and it would be ok and even promoted.

Michael Sam is a kid. He’s barely out of his teens and he was brave enough to stay true to who he is and not hide behind the machismo of the sport he loves knowing the whole time he’d hafta endure some pretty harsh criticism and negativity. But he did it anyway.

That kind of courage and pioneer attitude needs to be rewarded and not punished.

Attention “professionals” in any sport today: “jokes” aren’t what’s needed right now. You don’t have to agree with Michael Sam’s lifestyle, but you don’t have to impede progress either. Keep your mouth shut and your Tweets clean.

Thank you.


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