(AUDIO) Jason LaCanfora: Teams Hope to Pry Revis Away from the Bucs for Cheap

CBS NFL insider Jason LaCanfora reported on Tuesday that Darrelle Revis is drawing trade interest from other teams around the league. He joined Booger and Rich to break down the chances that Revis gets moved this offseason.

LaCanfora said that other teams are looking at Revis’ contract and the new regime in Tampa Bay and are hoping to pry Darrelle Revis away for cheap. The Bucs have a lot of holes to fill, especially on the offensive line, and LaCanfora says that they will have to consider trading him if the offer is right. Revis’ contract is so out of line according to LaCanfora that something has to be done for that number to get back to market value.

LaCanfora wouldn’t reveal what teams are interested, but did say that people will know in due time. He did say that there are likely teams out there that are interested in renting Revis for a season or two in hopes of winning a Lombardi Trophy.

Right now the trade talks are preliminary LaCanfora told us but that could change with a simple phone call. This could evolve into something real quickly.

If the Bucs want to move Revis, LaCanfora says they’d be smart to have the deal in place before free agency begins on March 11th. A deal could already have been done at the NFL Combine and we just don’t know it yet.

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    […] Jason LaCanfora reported earlier this week that teams are interested in trading for Darrelle Revis. The trade may seem far fetched, but the Bucs could rid themselves of Revis’ $16 million salary if they move him. Bucs beat writer Ira Kaufman joined Booger and Rich to discuss just how real a Revis trade could be. […]

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