By: Booger McFarland

I picked up the paper a couple days ago and I saw this new rule being proposed that if the officials hear a player using the N-word, they will throw a flag for a fifteen yard penalty. I had to laugh, not at the premise of the thought but at the actual implementation of the rule, which is going to be damn near impossible.

I understand that the NFL is trying to be politically correct and do the right thing by saying we are going to clean up the language in our work place and on the field. But the NFL can’t do anything that society has struggled to do over the course of my lifetime, getting rid of the N-word. You can feel how you want to about the word. I think it’s one of the most demeaning words I’ve ever heard in my life; However, there is a certain part of society that doesn’t know the history or the origin of it and that’s why it continues to be relevant in America today.

The NFL is treading in thin water with this new proposed rule because in order to understand the history of the N-word you better make sure you understand the origin of it and what it meant. You better understand the 1st amendment of the United States of America. Now tell me how in the hell the NFL is gonna stop or regulate the N-word off the field of play?

I love the NFL. It provided me and my family to see and do some amazing things. It gave me a head start on a successful career. With that being said, there is no way the NFL can regulate what is said on the field and, in my opinion, what is said in the locker room. Everyone wants to make the NFL field and the locker room just like the work place at your job and it’s not. Hopefully Roger Goodell will understand that, but something tells me he JUST DOESN’T GET IT.

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