By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @Commishonline

With a recent report from CBS Sports’ NFL insider Jason La Canfora that the Bucs have received calls from around the NFL to check on the availability of Darrelle Revis, Bucs fans have gone into a tizzy.

I know that Revis is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL and that the Bucs just traded for him last off-season, but why not consider trading Revis? At least listen to the offers!

Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have taken over the Buccaneers and are loyal to no player on the current roster. It is the responsibility of both Smith and Licht to do what is best to build the Bucs into a perennial contender. Yes, Revis is a top cornerback in the NFL, but why shrug off the idea of a trade without knowing what you could receive for him?

Revis, 28, proved to be able to come back from a torn ACL and return to Pro Bowl form. Revis should have even more value and suitors this off-season than he had last off-season when he was recovering from a torn ACL and it was unknown how he would play once he got back on the field.

None of us know what the Bucs could receive in a potential trade, but why brush it aside without looking at possibilities?

For a player like a healthy Darrelle Revis, the Bucs should be able to recover a 1st round pick plus another pick or at least get two 2nd round selections. Picks like these in this year’s draft could prove to be extremely valuable. For a new regime taking over, to acquire more picks when your organization only has five total selections, could be very attractive.

However, if the Bucs trade away Revis, it will open up a hole at cornerback, right?

Well, there’s more to it than just that.

Not only would the Bucs receive draft picks if they traded away Revis, they would also add $16 million to their current cap space (between $16-$19 mil). This extra money could lead to the signing of multiple players in free agency.

The Bucs have a need at defensive end. With the money saved by trading Revis, the Bucs might be able to afford two defensive ends that might hit the market.

Would Demarcus Ware look good in the new Bucs uniforms?

Could Jared Allen’s swagger and ability take the Bucs defense to the next level.

If Julius Peppers gets released by the Bears, this new money might be enough to bring him to Tampa.

Perhaps this extra $16 million could lead to not one, but two defensive ends? Most likely, players like Allen and Peppers will not be signing for more than $6 million per year respectively. If two of these defensive ends are signed, there would still be $4 million left over from the Revis money alone, not including the other cap room the Bucs have.

Obviously, if Revis is traded, cornerback should also be addressed. Charles Tillman has been linked to the Bucs ever since Lovie Smith signed in Tampa. Pairing Tillman with another corner in free agency to go with Johnthan Banks would complete the Bucs defense in my eyes and make them a dominant unit on paper heading into the 2014 season.

To summarize, if you could get two high draft picks, two defensive ends (Allen and Peppers?), and two solid cornerbacks (Tillman and Munnerlyn?) in a trade of Revis, would it be worth making the move? That’s what Revis and his $16 million price tag could potentially bring you. Oh, and the Bucs would still have most of their original cap room to acquire even more players (WR, OL, TE, QB) with.

I know that the Seattle Seahawks won a Super Bowl with Richard Sherman and have not entertained the thought of trading him, but Sherman is still on his rookie contract and is far from being the highest paid player in the Seahawks organization. Sherman at his salary is much more attractive than Revis at $16 million per season.

If nothing happens and Revis remains with the Bucs, and that is likely, I don’t think anyone could complain about having one of the league’s best corners. However, if a deal is there to be made and you have faith in the new men running the organization, wouldn’t you want those people making the decisions they were brought in to make?

I believe it is the responsibility of any smart general manager to listen to offers on ALL players because EVERY player has a price tag.

Listening is listening, and if Jason Licht does not receive the offer that he likes, he DOES NOT have to make the trade. If a team puts the Bucs in position to get gain high draft picks and relieve them of $16 million in additional cap space to be spent on other players, Licht has the option to do what he thinks is best for the Bucs moving forward.

I know we as Bucs fans have been used to things being done with the Bucs one way for the last several years, but with a new regime comes a new mentality and usually new players. To acquire said players, that new regime needs money to spend and as many draft picks as possible. They should entertain all ideas on how to get both of those aspects as the new NFL year starts March 11.

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