Bucs Receiving Calls on Revis; “Ripe To Be Dealt”

By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnline

It wasn’t too long ago people were starting to question whether a $16 million cornerback like Darrelle Revis would fit in new coach Lovie Smith’s defense.

As we near the March 11th start of the new NFL calendar, talk of Revis is starting to spark up again.

There is no guarantee that Revis will be moved by the Bucs, but a cornerback making $16 million per season is a lot for any team to carry.

Yes, Revis is the best cover corner in the NFL and did an excellent job in bouncing back from injury, but a new coach and new GM might look at that $16 million and think of the 2-3 players they could bring in with it. In addition, Revis might give the Bucs a trade chip to acquire multiple extra picks in what is considered a deep draft this year.

Of course, the Bucs are just fielding the calls, they aren’t pursuing anything…yet.

New Bucs GM Jason Licht has said that he hopes to address all of the team’s needs in free agency, leaving him and Lovie Smith to take the best players that they can, regardless of position, once the draft rolls around. While a trade of Revis would open a hole at a cornerback position, an added $16 million to the cap room for the Bucs could prove very valuable to a team looking to make many new acquisitions this off-season.

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