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So we all know about the underwear Olympics, the cars driving in circles really fast and playing golf thru cactus is difficult, but here are some of the stories you may have missed.

It was announced today that the boys from Duck Dynasty now have the naming rights to a college bowl game. It’s reportedly a 6 year deal that will change the Independence Bowl played in Shreveport, LA to the Duck Commander Independence Bowl! How awesome is that! I hope they have camouflage uniforms and give away duck callers at the game. Everyone should grow out their beards also, just for giggles. Apparently these duck boys will also sponsor a NASCAR Sprint Cup race, now known as the Duck Commander 500, which honestly makes more sense to me.

Erin Andrews has a new job on Dancing With the Stars. She is replacing the beautiful Brooke Burke who from what I had heard was fired! They are apparently making cuts at DWTS because they also fired the entire band. I guess they’re trying to capture a younger viewing audience or any audience at all. Andrews finished 3rd on the show in 2010. The cast of this season will be announced next Tuesday on Good Morning America.

The Milwaukee Brewers have a new and unexpected mascot, Hank the Dog. The stray dog wandered in the Brewers spring training facility in Phoenix on February 17 looking a little roughed up. The team took him to a veterinarian for a check-up and bath. There were signs that the pooch may have been run over by a car. A few weeks later Hank is now the team’s unofficial mascot and is having the best time at spring training.

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